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Think Of U (Parts 1&2) [LNTG Rework]

Late Nite Tuff Guy is fast becoming an online sensation thanks to his thousands of followers on Soundcloud. [Over 1.5 million plays and counting.] His re-edit works show his productions skills and impeccable song choices, always staying true to the original material but breathing new life into the tracks. The releases of his work have been met with great enthusiasm with his ‘I Get Deeper’ receiving critical acclaim. He simply loves music and the respect shows. LNTG is so much more than just a producer. He writes his own original material and is one of the finest DJ’s Australia has produced. He does plan to do a lot of touring in the near future. This means he could be coming to perform somewhere close to you soon…


Horse Meat Disco – Boiler Room

Now approaching their tenth year of existence, the four man dj club collective Horse Meat Disco have continued to lead the way in the disco field with packed residencies at their HQ Eagle London in London’s inner city Vauxhall, Cielo and verious venues in New York, Prince Charles in Berlin and Silencio/Wanderlust in Paris. Inspired by the music and inclusive ethos of New York’s heady club scene in the 70s & 80s the collective have garnered a unique reputation for throwing amazing parties with unmatchable sets. The quartet of djs each mix their own individual interpretations of the disco sound with a soundtrack that marries their expertise and shared knowledge and experience in the field. Expect all manner of dancefloor movers from classic to cosmic to deep disco, italo, punk funk, house, even techno, electric bangers and just plain old rare oddities. The collective always keep an healthy eye on the dancefloor whilst never forgetting growing current sounds.


Here’s a 2h55 Boiler Room session recorded in London, enjoy!